Lego Star Wars Mural Project (from 2011) an oldie but goodie

Posted on Dec 13, 2012

“Do you even know what you’re doing?”

-Sarah (sister of the recipient of the mural) as she watched me continue to paint over my many mistakes while working on this mural.

I was recently commissioned to do my first mural project for my good friend’s son (8yrs). I asked him what he wanted and he said Lego Star Wars with “X-wings, the Death Star, and Podracers”. As I heard his ideas, I was a bit bothered with the lack of Star Wars canonical agreement, but I figured that would be something for him to grapple with as he got older.

I asked him if wanted any characters like Yoda or Chewie, he said, “Really, I don’t care about that I just want the ships”. This was terrible news because to date I have never done any kind of “ship” drawings, and mostly I have stayed away from such things because they are VERY hard, full of details, and most terribly full of important perspective accuracy. (the last two i’m not known for)

Seeing as my friends were going to foot the bill for the paint, and I was stuck in America waiting on my Omani visa, I figured I had to give this a shot.

Over all it took me 6 days and almost 40 hours to finish. With a bunch of acrylic paint and a bit of room paint. Funny enough I finished it 4hr before I left the country to go back to Oman.

So here is a little progression I put together, and please forgive the bad panoramic patch job and funky lighting, this is hard to photograph.


The beginning- house paint.


After a day spent mostly getting angry wishing I had paid more attention to Bob Ross and trying to figure out how to paint a textured wall with a  small brush….Answer: go to store and get a bigger brush.



After another day spent mad that I hadn’t paid attention when I was taught perspective in high school. From this point on I have sworn off ever drawing another X-wing.




Finally finished. It was one of the most challenging art things I have ever done, and I totally loved it…when I wasn’t cussing it.


An “action” shot of putting in the stars, but hopefully to give you some sort of perspective on the size of this thing.


In the end this is how I figured out (read: Amber’s suggestion) how to put the drawings on the wall: butcher paper, painter’s tape, white pastel pencil, and graphite transfer paper. I would draw them on butcher paper on the kitchen table, and then use graphite transfer paper to get it on the wall. Then I finished it with a white pastel pencil so I could see it to paint it.



Here are some details from the larger mural:

Note the exquisite bumpyness of the LEGO- Death Star.

This is the last guy that I finished just before I left the country. You just can’t leave a little dude’s Tatooine without a Tuskin Raider.

Hope you dig,



“This is what I thought I was going to see when I clicked on the link to see the Star Wars mural” -friend who sent me what she thought my painting would look like. Now I have some new aspirational goals 🙂

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