Unfortunately I have the terribly predictable artistic curse of insecurity which manifests itself when frustrated with a project by forsaking the whole endeavor and vowing to “never draw anything ever again.”(occasionally I have also been accused of being overly dramatic)

This series was no different and in many ways worse because we knew we wanted these to be the first in hopefully a much larger line of images and products, so we needed to find a style that was going to work for a long time.

So we went through probably 20 different images that varied GREATLY in style and content, and with the help of Amber’s VERY decerning eye we landed on these 6.

This is the first one to be fully finished and I can remember sitting back and thinking that this idea might actually work.

Hope you dig it,


ps: This piece is for sale as part of a set of 6 “Creature Cards” at our store.

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